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Does AKC recognize pocket beagles?

No, the AKC only recognizes beagles that are 13 & 15 inches.


Do you have a waiting list for your puppies?

Absolutely. If you would like to be put on our waiting list, I will notify you when the next litter is born. 


What temperament do pocket beagles have?

Pocket Beagles have a lot of energy but not too much…it’s just enough.  Our pocket beagles are very mild mannered unless food is involved and they have a very hard time controlling themselves.  They love to be loved on and would love to sit in your lap for hours.  They do love to chew so chew toys are a must. 


 With our experience I have to say that pocket beagles are extremely smart – especially our Tatum.  I taught Tatum to sit and lay down in a week using food rewards – she is very intelligent and oh so loving. 




Do you ever ship your puppies out of the United States?

We will consider each situation individually because there are different restrictions with each country.


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