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Does AKC recognize pocket beagles?

No, the AKC only recognizes beagles that are 13 & 15 inches.


What temperament do pocket beagles have?

Pocket Beagles have a lot of energy but not too much…it’s just enough.  Our pocket beagles are very mild mannered unless food is involved and they have a very hard time controlling themselves.  They love to be loved on and would love to sit in your lap for hours.  They do love to chew so chew toys are a must. 


 With our experience I have to say that pocket beagles are extremely smart – especially our Tatum.  I taught Tatum to sit and lay down in a week using food rewards – she is very intelligent and oh so loving. 




Do your pocket beagles bark a lot?

No they don’t.  About 7 years ago we had a standard beagle named Oliver and I have to say…we couldn’t keep him quiet but it’s so different with our wonderful pocket beagles.  They bark when it’s appropriate – when someone knocks on the door or when asked to.  In our experience…pocket beagles are not noisy dogs. 


What’s the difference between a standard beagle and a pocket beagle?

Standard Beagles are a standard height of 13 - 15 inches whereas a pocket beagle is a height of 8 – 12 inches. 


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