Pocahontas - Ally's Litter

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Pocahontas/Allie - ADOPTED


Pocahontas went to live with her brother, Chocolate/Ozzie.  Their mommy had this to say:

"Hi Stephanie!


Glad you are there safe and sound and getting settled.  My babies are

doing great!  They have so much fun together - even with the big labs.

Alli is 10 pounds.  She went to the vet this morning for shots.  Her

eyes are just gorgeous.  I always tell her I am jealous of her eyeliner.

She is baying like a beagle when she plays with Ozzy and the labs.

Potty training is another issue.  I picked up 3 piles of poop this

morning and cleaned one pee spot.  She does go to the door sometimes so

Ozzy is great.  He's such a lap dog.  He hops right into your lap. 
He is going under the knife as we speak.  He's getting

neutered today!  My poor baby!  He's getting microchipped too.  He's

potty trained and so much fun.  He's a great sleeper!  They both sleep

in the bed with us under the covers and he will stay all night and wait

for us to get up but Ally usually gets me up twice and sometimes she

jumps down without me knowing hence the accidents this morning.  Then

she whines by my side of the bed to get back up.  Ozzy's eyes are kind

of yellow now.  Stacy says he looks like a python.  He does not!  He's

adorable.  When Jake lays on the couch (7 year old lab) Ozzy barks at

him non-stop.  We can't figure out why.  He wants him to play or get up

or something.  Jake gets so annoyed.  They don't eat very well though -

they eat but not at once.  They would be happy if I left the bowl out

all day and they would nibble but that can't happen with the labs, they

would eat it.  Ozzy begs really bad too but we are teaching him.  He

loves people food.  They all do.

I will send you pictures when I get good ones.  I will try tonight when

Ozzy is still sleepy from his medication.  I've attached one of Jake and

Alli. Write back when you can and I will get that picture!

Take care,  Andrea"


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