Ariel - Ally's Litter

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Ariel aka Giggles - ADOPTED


Ariel's Mommy writes:

"Giggles is doing great - she is growing like a weed, getting into all sorts of trouble and making us laugh a lot.  Her and our craziest cat, Cheever, create innumerable reasons for us to laugh.  Many of them involve Cheever knocking food off of the counter and us chasing both of them trying to retrieve it!

Potty training has been great and really easy.  She is still mostly confined to the kitchen (except at night - we ended up with the playpen in our room and that is working out quite well).  We JUST got our loft area "Giggles-proofed" so we have had her up there a few times.  About a month ago, we stayed in a hotel room for 2 nights and she only had one accident - she knew to bark at the door when she needed to go out!  She LOVED the "other" puppy in the room - there was a full length mirror and she spent a LOT of time barking and play jumping at that puppy!  Poor thing - we laughed at her a lot for that one.

It is fun to watch her and Cheever start to learn each other's language.  She'll do her invitation to play move and he'll bat at her.  Now they have reached the point where he sits still and bats at her and she runs like a crazy woman around the kitchen table.  The highest "lap count" we reached one evening was 26!  She loves going to the barn to play and we recently found a dog park with a small dog area that is completely fenced in.  It is so cool to watch her run around - she is FAST! I'll try to give you more updates - if I can stop watching her and laughing!  As you tell, she is VERY well loved and we can't imagine what we did with our time before she came to live with us!"


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