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Chaco is doing wonderful and his mommy wrote the following:

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"Hi Stephanie!


This is a long overdue update but i was just thinking of how much chaco has grown up and what a great dog he is and thought that you should know how he's been doing so far with us!  Chaco is exactly what we wanted when we first starting talking about getting a dog...he has really made himself part of the family.  This is our first dog so we didn't fully know what we got ourselves into but so far, it's been great!  After getting him potty-trained, we got to focus more on teaching him tricks and watching him learn.  That was our favorite part, he knows sit, stay, lay down, dance (which is really cute, he hops up on his hind legs and you tell him to spin and he turns in a circle), wait (which is mostly used with his treats, trying to get him to keep it on his nose) and come.  He also knows when he's in trouble (usually from chewing my shoes, house trim, or the worst one, electrical wires!!!) because he either flops onto his back to be cute (he also does this to get his tummy rubbed which he LOVES) or he immediately runs to his kennel and tries to shut the door on himself.  If you tell him to find his toy, he will come back with something (although he has a lot of toys so we haven't gotten him trained to know each one specifically yet).


He's super smart and surprises us all the time with his funny little attitude.  Everyone at the vet is always very impressed and they thought we had been taking him to training classes to get him that good. He is truly a unique dog, his personality seems to fit how cute he is.  He responds to Chaco (of course), but also his full name (Chocolate Miniflakes-usually when he's in trouble), and his nickname (Chocs-some of our friends call him this).  He very rarely barks (i think i've heard him once), and his howl is so cute, that when he does do it (not that often) i just love it; even though it's usually because he's talking back to me...LOL!  His favorite toys are anything stuffed, yet he can pull them apart and find the squeaker within minutes, sometimes seconds if it's not stitched that well (Now we try and find stuffed toys that aren't "stuffed").  He figured out his Kong way too fast and can get his treats out of it within seconds as well.  He LOVES tennis balls, just like his dad (i think thats what u said...), he will play fetch with u, just play by himself, or tear off the fuzz.  But i think his favorite game is tug-o-war, he loves it and will try to play all day!


He loves going on walks and being outside, his hound dog in him really comes out because all he does is sniffs the ground and follows his nose wherever that may go.  We had to get him a harness though because he was tugging a lot on his leash.  The harness works really well though and doesn't pull on his neck!  He's not the most social dog when it comes to other dogs though, he's a little timid.  He's been around a few dogs where he's ok and likes to play (if they're small dogs anyways) but any new dog (or big dog) he's really skeptical about.  He loves humans though, especially kids...  he will go right up to them and be so cute and playful, everyone loves him!  He loves the beach, laying on the soft, warm sand in the sun makes him go to sleep.  Well, when he's tired he will pretty much sleep anywhere!


He's pretty spoiled, i hate to admit...  My fiance works from home and so Chaco always has someone to be with.  Whenever we go anywhere, he usually comes with us.  We've only taken one trip where he couldn't come so he stayed with my parents for 3 days, but he's probably even more spoiled there because he gets to play with all the kids.  But he loves traveling, sticking his head out the window is his favorite.  At home, he has his own "bed" (ie. the guest room bed) and he stays there all day and looks out the window, longing for the moment when we can go outside.


Health-wise he's been good, although not perfect.  He's had a little ear infection (from his big ears) so we had to give him special drops and it cleared up, and now we clean his ears on a weekly basis with special ear cleaning solution.  Just recently we found out that he has allergies.  As soon as spring hit, all he'd do is sneeze and do this weird breathing thing.  We got really worried when we noticed some red bumps that were itching him!  He's taking doggy antihistamines and has special shampoo/conditioner as well as a daily vitamin; so far he's stopped sneezing and the bumps (i think it was an allergic reaction) have gone away.  So i'm not sure what he's allergic to but he's a trooper, doesn't really wine or sulk when he's uncomfortable.  We got him neutered after six months and the doctor's said afterwards he might be groggy, tired and not hungry...he could not have been more opposite when we got home.  He wanted to play, jump around, eat, and yes, still hump his doggy bed...(we have no idea why he does this, but he still does to this day...)


We love him so much and can't believe how much he's grown already within his first year!  He brings us so much joy and we couldn't be happier with him.  Everything about him we love love LOVE!  THank you so much (again) for everything you did in getting this pup-dog home to us and i hope all the other families are loving their dogs as much as we are (although i'm sure its not more than us)!



Megan, Wesley and Chaco"



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