Anakin - Ally's Litter

Click here to see a video of Anakin showing off his skills



Anakin is a gorgeous tricolor male.  His family adopted him and his brother Yoda together as puppies.  Here is what his family has to say about him:

* Great with kids, loves laying on Hailey's bed while she reads at night.  Plays fetch well with the kids.  Whatever they happen to be doing he's okay with it.

* Whimpers or barks at door when he wants out - GREAT when I'm right there to let him out...bad when I'm putting down the little one to bed as he'll just get louder til I get there...LOL!

* Extremely sweet, gentle natured.

* Quick learner with tricks and commands, knows: wait, stay, leave-it, down, roll over, spin, high five, shake hands, go to bed, go potty, on your spot and is learning take a bow, kisses, find it.


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