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Bilbo's daddy writes:

"He is doing so good.  We love him so much.  I will take some pics of him when I get home tonight.  He is still the little lover always wanting to cuddle up next to someone.  He has learned to give a kiss when asked and also a high five.  I was actually just thinking of you the other day and thought that I should send you some pictures of him.  Give me your cell again and I will send you some pics through text or I can email if that is easier for you."

Christmas Miracle Update:

"I cannot explain this as nothing short of a Christmas Miracle.  The email I sent was the information I was told by my wife.  I was not home at the time, she called me and told me what had happened to Bilbo and where he was ( she was too upset to remove him from where he fell down) I was up in the mountains about two hours away at a friends cabin.  I felt like I should email you about what had happened and borrowed his computer.  Anyway when I got home I went to get his body and bury it.

The body was not there.  I came inside and told my wife that he was not there.  She didn't believe me so we both went outside and went to where she said his body was laying and she saw for herself that Bilbo was not there.  Immediately we went inside and got flashlights and made an extremely thorough search of about a four block radius.  It's a small town so we all of our neighbors and we knocked on the doors of those that were still up or had lights on anyway.  We did not find him anywhere.  We came inside and cried.  Two years ago on November 12th my father in law was murdered in his home here in Trinidad ( at this time we lived in AZ), while we in town attending the funeral and taking care of his affairs my dad suffered a stroke on Thanksgiving and went into a coma passing away on the 29th of November after my siblings and myself decided to take him off of life support.  This was our catalyst to move back to Colorado to be closer to family.  Last Christmas we decided that we didn't want to celebrate another Christmas with what felt like a missing family member.  That's when we started looking for a dog to increase our family by one.  Well when we came across your website and saw the pictures of the pups and first saw the picture of Bilbo something in his eyes reminded us of my father in law and we fell in love with him.

I'm sorry this is such a long email...

So when we came back in the house and realized that Bilbo did not make it to Christmas we were devastated.  My wife laid down and I started playing on the internet to distract myself.  I read an email my 80 year old grandfather sent (pretty cool right) It was a religious forward (i'll send you a copy of it if you want)  I wasn't particularly thrilled about as I'm not religious but I read it anyway.  I followed the instructions of the email and afterward kinda talked to my father in law and father and told them to bring my lil dog back.  I went to bed with the thought that first light I am going out to look for Bilbo again.  I woke up this morning at 6:45 am.  My wife was up as well with the same thought of  going to look for Bilbo.  She got up to go to the bathroom, our bedroom is right by the front door as she walked out our bedroom door she hears the familiar sound of Bilbo's collar and looks out the door window and there is Bilbo wagging his tail and looking at her she immediately opened the door and Bilbo comes running inside and jumps on our bed licking my face and rolling in over for his morning tummy rub.  He is a little cold, but he is fine.  Absolutely fine.  My daughter hears Bilbo and comes running downstairs to see for herself.  Next my son comes bolting down and is hugging Bilbo saying I missed you.

The whole scene is like watching a movie or being a part of a dream, but it is real.  I cannot believe it still.  I don't know where he could've gone that we didn't look and how he could've collapsed and not moved for hours until I come home to get his body.  My wife said that she had gone out to his body several times with the thought that she would put his body on the side of the house so that I could bury it before the older kids got home and had to see him laying on the front lawn.  Like I said at the beginning of this very long email, sorry, This is truly just a miracle.  Bilbo is definitely a miracle.  I am sorry that you guys are having to move back to Texas, I hope it is a good move for your family.  I also am hundred percent certain that I would like to adopt another pup from you, if you would allow us.  Bilbo needs a playmate and we want to increase our family by one more.  I understand that the adoption is at full price and more than willing to pay it.  I would only ask that I be allowed to send payments so not to hurt ourselves financially with full payment at pick up when pup is ready.  Do you already have the pups posted on the site?  Thank you Stephanie.  I hope our story helps to make your Christmas as special as it has made ours.  From or family to yours Merry Christmas.

Ilyas"  Dec. 18, 2010



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