Aragorn - Tatum's Litter

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Aragorn - Tatum's Litter


Aragorn is now ZORRO!  Zorro is living in Costa Rica!!!  Zorro's mommy writes:


"I was just thinking of you guys last night!  My son Benjamin and I were looking at HGPB fb page last night.  :)  Aragorn (Zorro) is doing fantastic!  He seemed to be potty trained from day one!  He does great in his crate.  He sleeps in my son's room and Benjamin gets up with him every morning and takes him for a walk and gets his breakfast for him.  Benjamin says that Zorro is his best buddy!  It is so cute.  We live on the side of the Irazu volcano, so he has a great view of the Orosi Valley here in Costa Rica everyday!!  I must say he is a spoiled dog :)  All of the teams that have come here this summer have loved on him, loved him, and played with him!  He is great with the children and very patient with them!  He is so cute!!  We love him.  He has been just what our family needed, but especially my son.  Being that he has two sisters that love to bug him, he and Zorro have a fantastic time together and they love to go to Benjamin's fort and hang out there!!  I will have to take pictures and send them to you!!  Thanks again for helping us get him!!

May God bless your business, family and life.







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